1st Concealed Handgun License? - It's a breeze! Pay for the class, meet at the range, then we do the classroom part of the day. Then you pay the state and wait for your license in the mail!  Classes fill up quickly with all the gun grabber nonsense going on, so SIGN UP QUICKLY!  Click here to RESERVE YOUR SEAT   (214) 284-7439

FREE concealed handgun class - Want a free concealed handgun licensing class? Get a group of 5 paying friends, family, or co-workers together for a private class, and yours is free!  Not only do you get to go free, but you get to pick the date and the place where we have the class. I've done them at people's house, work, church, synagogue….I even did a class in a barn. It's all up to you. Call me for details.   214-284-7439

Corporate CHL classes-- $500 -- For the busy executive that doesn't have a Saturday to take a class.    214-284-7439

I have been doing classes for executives of major companies for years. I understand your schedule is very difficult and discretion is paramount to the corporate lifestyle. These corporate classes may involve only you or maybe less than the minimum class of 5. I will work around your busy schedule, come to where ever you are, and take confidentiality very seriously (legally as well as personally). Call for booking.     214-284-7439


Payment Options - I take payment in just about any form that has value! My preferred methods are credit card, cash, barter/trade, or access to land for varmint and/or hog hunting.     214-284-7439


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